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Developmental Programs

Infants & Toddlers
These two classes work very closely with each other to nurture each child's emerging independence. The lesson plan provides planned activities that promote curiosity and options to discover the world around them. We balance the day with both quiet and active activities that promote self-help cooperation, dramatic play, fine and gross motor, science, sensory, language and cognitive skills. Toddlers and Preschool also communicate with parents to achieve potty-training. 
Preschool & PreKindergarten
These two classes work closely together to achieve Kindergarten readiness. We follow a theme based curriculum which provides emphasis on these key areas:

Social and Emotional Development:
  • Self, which includes self-awareness and self-regulation, social and emotional understanding, empathy and caring, and initiative in learning
  • Social Interaction, which focuses on interactions with familiar adults, interactions with peers, group participation, and cooperation and responsibility
  • Relationships, which address attachments to parents, close relationships with teachers and caregivers, and friendships.
Language and Literacy
  • Listening and Speaking, which includes language use, vocabulary, and grammar
  • Reading, which covers concepts about print, phonological awareness, alphabetic and word/print recognition, comprehension and analysis of age-appropriate text, and literacy interest and response
  • Writing, which focuses on writing strategies, including the emergent use of writing and writing-like behaviors
English-Language Development
  • Listening, which includes understanding words, request, directions, and basic/advanced concepts
  • Speaking, which focuses on using English to communicate needs, expand vocabulary, become skillful at engaging in conversations, use increasingly complex grammatical constructions when speaking, understand grammar, as questions, use social conventions, and tell personal stories
  • Reading, which covers appreciating and enjoying reading, understanding book reading, understanding print conventions, demonstrating awareness that print conveys meaning, developing awareness and recognition of letters, demonstrating phonological awareness, and manipulating sounds, such as rhyming
  • Writing, which includes understanding the communicative function of writing and engaging in simple writing and writing-like behaviors
  • Number Sense, which includes understanding of counting, number relationships, and operations (classification and patterning), which focuses on sorting and classifying objects and recognizing and understanding simple, repeating patters
  • Measurement, which covers comparison and ordering
  • Geometry, which focuses on properties of objects (shape, size, position) and the relation of objects in space
  • Mathematical Reasoning, which addresses how young children use mathematical thinking to solve everyday problems

Kindergarten & Afterschoolers
We service morning and afternoon bus rides for Garland and Richardson ISD.
Transportation for public schools morning bus leaves sharply at 7:15am.
Since we open at 6:30am, breakfast is offered to children before transporting to school. Our afternoon riders return back to Oak Creek at 3:40pm. When they first arrive, children will be given a snack and then split into groups with a rotation of playing on our shaded playground and participating in art, centers, science, and cooking activities. Oak Creek also offers transportation from tutoring at serviced public schools. Between 3:30-4:30 we also offer a parent sign-up only homework. Kindergarteners and Afterschoolers also have access to our gym and arcade room.  

Oak Creek School provides a fun, energetic, adventurous Summer Camp when our school age children are out of school. Our Summer Camp will have a set theme and our daily fields trips and activities will be based around theme. 
  • Gym: This space offers a non-competitive setting suited for active groups and individual games, which brings focus to social skills and emotions (empathy, compromise, cooperation, and kindness)
  • Arcade: A time to experience autonomy and control; this gives children the freedom to choose how they will spend part of their day
  • Playground & Pool: Provides free choice and interactions with peers. The playground has a large area for sports and shaded equipment. Fresh air and exercise is sometimes all these kids need! During our Summer Camp the children have an option to sign up for our swim schedule. Oak Creek also offers private swim lessons during the Summer Camp months.
  • Field Trips: Fun, off campus events that make our Summer Camp memorable and give the opportunity for kids to show their self-discipline. We offer a wide range of field trips to appeal to all ages, personalities, and interests. We suggest you discuss the field trip options with your child and choose which options are best suited for your child.
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